Class WlContentAssetRepository

  extended by org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.assetmgr.content.WlContentAssetRepository
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WlContentAssetRepository
extends java.lang.Object
implements AssetRepository

The WlHttpAssetRepository implements the AssetRepository and represents a repository that serves assets via a web server through http.

Jordan Slott

Constructor Summary
WlContentAssetRepository(java.lang.String baseURL, long lastModified)
          Constructor, takes the base URL associated with the repository.
Method Summary
 AssetStream openAssetStream(AssetURI assetURI)
          Attempts to open an input stream to the given asset.
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Constructor Detail


public WlContentAssetRepository(java.lang.String baseURL,
                                long lastModified)
Constructor, takes the base URL associated with the repository. It also takes the last modified date of the checksum currently cached, -1 if not present.

Method Detail


public AssetStream openAssetStream(AssetURI assetURI)
Description copied from interface: AssetRepository
Attempts to open an input stream to the given asset. This method is responsible for checking whether the asset is already cached and the desired checksum (or other identity information) for the asset. It returns an AssetStream object in response, either containing the input stream, or whether the repository is invalid or whether the asset is already cached.

Specified by:
openAssetStream in interface AssetRepository
assetURI - The URI of the asset to load
An AssetStream object indicating the result

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