Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.assetmgr

This package provides management services for in world data such as art assets and shared documents etc


Interface Summary
AssetManager.AssetProgressListener Used to indicate the status of an asset that is being downloaded
AssetManager.AssetStatisticsSPI Provider that will be notified of asset statistics
AssetRepository The AssetRepository interface represents a single instance of a server from which assets can be downloaded.

Class Summary
Asset<T> The Asset class represents an asset (e.g.
AssetCache Manages the assets that are cached by the Asset Manager.
AssetDB The AssetDB class represents the client-side cache of assets.
AssetDB.AssetDBRecord Represents a record in the Asset DB
AssetFactory Generates Asset classes based upon the type.
AssetID An AssetID class represents a unique identification for an asset: assets are uniquely identified by their URI and their (optional) checksum.
AssetInputStream Special FileInputStream that takes an asset and uses the local file from that asset.
AssetManager AssetManager provides services for downloading and maintaining the latest version of asset data for the system.
AssetRepositoryFactory The AssetRepositoryFactory class is an abstract base class that is used by the Asset Manager to fetch a list of repositories from which to attempt to download an asset.
AssetStream The AssetStream class represents a stream from which the asset manager can download data, or get an indication that the asset already exists cached within the system.
TrackingInputStream Track the IO and notify the listeners of progress

Enum Summary
AssetCache.CachePolicy Asset cache policy: SINGLE: Only a single copy of a uri is permitted in the cache MULTIPLE: Multiple copies of a uri are permitted in the cache
AssetManager.AssetStat Asset statistic
AssetStream.AssetResponse An enumeration that indicates the status of the stream: STREAM_READY: An input stream is available to be read of the asset data ASSET_CACHED: The desired asset is already cached by the asset manager ASSET_INVALID: The repository does not contain the proper asset

Exception Summary
AssetCacheException An exception when an update to the cache has failed.
AssetDBException An exception indicating and error involving the client-side asset cache database.

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.assetmgr Description

This package provides management services for in world data such as art assets and shared documents etc

The AssetManager provides a service to download Files from a URL and cache them in a local directory. Checksums are used to ensure the local copy is up to date with the service. Further each AssetType is handled by a different Asset class which provide interfaces to postProcess the data when it is first downloaded from a server and if necessary to process the data each time it is used.

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