Class CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery

  extended by org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.cell.CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery
Enclosing class:

protected static class CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery
extends java.lang.Object

Deliver messages to a particular cell. This class may delay the messages or send them directly, depending on the cell state.

Constructor Summary
protected CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery()
Method Summary
protected  void deliver(CellMessage message)
          Deliver a message to this cell.
protected  void deliverDelayedMessages()
          Deliver any delayed messages to this cell.
protected  CellChannelConnection.MessageReceiver getMessageReceiver()
          Get the message receiver for this cell
protected  void setMessageReceiver(CellChannelConnection.MessageReceiver receiver)
          Set the receiver for this cell.
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Constructor Detail


protected CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery()
Method Detail


protected void deliver(CellMessage message)
Deliver a message to this cell. If the cell is not fully set up yet, this object will delay the message and deliver it when the cell is entirely set up.


protected void setMessageReceiver(CellChannelConnection.MessageReceiver receiver)
Set the receiver for this cell. This is done when the cell's status becomes INACTIVE, indicating it is ready to start receiving messages.

receiver - the message receiver to send messages to, or null to start delaying messages


protected CellChannelConnection.MessageReceiver getMessageReceiver()
Get the message receiver for this cell

the message receiver for this cell.


protected void deliverDelayedMessages()
Deliver any delayed messages to this cell.

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