Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.cell

Provides the data (or model) portion of the client side cells.


Interface Summary
AssetPreloader A cell that implements AssetPreloader provides a list of assets to download before the cell is loaded.
CellCache The defining interface for the client Cell Cache
CellCache.CellCacheListener A listener that will be notified when cells are loaded or unloaded.
CellCacheConnection.CellCacheMessageListener Listener interface for cell cache action messages
CellChannelConnection.MessageReceiver A message receiver
CellChildrenChangeListener Listener for tracking changes to the children of a Cell
CellParentChangeListener Listener for tracking changes to the parent of a Cell
CellRenderer Provides an interface to the cell rendering code.
CellStatistics.CellStatisticsSPI Interface implemented by statistic providers.
CellStatusChangeListener Listener for notification of cell status changes
ComponentChangeListener Listener for tracking changes to the list of components on a cell
InteractionComponent.InteractionComponentListener Listener for receiving notification of changes to the interaction component
ProximityListener Listener for the view entering/exiting the proximity bounds of a cell.
TransformChangeListener Listener for tracking cell transform changes TODO Unify this interface with MovableComponent.CellMoveListener

Class Summary
Cell The client side representation of a cell.
CellCacheBasicImpl A basic implementation of core cell cache features.
CellCacheConnection Handler for Cell cache information
CellChannelConnection Handler for Cell Channels.
CellChannelConnection.CellMessageDelivery Deliver messages to a particular cell.
CellClientStateMessageReceiver A listener on a cell's channel to handle updates to its state sent from the server.
CellComponent CellComponents provide dynamic extensions to the Cell infrastructure.
CellComponentMessageReceiver A listener on a cell's channel to handle updates to its state sent from the server.
CellEditChannelConnection Handler for Cell Edit Channels.
CellManager Global services for client cells.
CellStatistics Stores statistics about the cells in a given cell cache.
CellStatistics.CellStat The base class for cell statistics.
CellStatistics.LongCellStat A mutable statistic that returns a long as its value
CellStatistics.SizeCellStat A statistic representing a size in bytes.
CellStatistics.StringCellStat A statistic that records a string as its value
CellStatistics.TimeCellStat A statistic that stores time values.
ChannelComponent A Component that provides a cell specific communication channel with the server.
EnvironmentCell The base class for environment cells.
InteractionComponent Component describing how a cell interacts with the world
ModelCell Client side cell for rendering JME content
ModelCellComponent A Component that represents a deployed model.
MovableAvatarComponent A component that extends MovableComponent to add additional information for animating avatars.
MovableComponent A component that provides cell movement
ProximityComponent Provides a mechanism for listener notification when the local view cell enters/exits a set of bounds for a cell.

Enum Summary
Cell.RendererType An enum representing the various render types supported by Wonderland.
ComponentChangeListener.ChangeType The type of change: adding or removing
TransformChangeListener.ChangeSource The source, or originator of a transform change.

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.cell Description

Provides the data (or model) portion of the client side cells. The view is handles by the other classes, for example jme renderers are in org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.jme.cellrenderer Cells can be extended either by subclassing (which provides for static extension) or by the use of CellComponents which allow dynamic addition (and removal) of cell capabilities. One important CellComponent is the MovableComponent which provides the infrasture which allows cells to move around the world. The component handles all communication and provides listeners etc for movement updates.

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