Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.comms

The communication infrastructure of the Wonderland client.


Interface Summary
ClientConnection This class provides the client side instance of a particular Wonderland service.
ResponseListener Listen for the result of sending a message.
SessionStatusListener Listen for changes to the session status.
WonderlandSession The WonderlandSession is the base class for communicating with a given Wonderland server.

Class Summary
BaseConnection A basic Wonderland Connection that can be extended to develop real connections.
CellClientSession An extension of WonderlandSession that attaches all the relevant handlers needed for a client using the Cell system
LoginParameters Data required to log user into a server.
OKErrorResponseListener A base class of message response listeners that handles the case of a message that is guaranteed to get an OK or an Error.
WaitResponseListener A response listener super type that lets users register a listener for a response message.
WonderlandServerInfo All data to uniquely identify a servre
WonderlandSessionImpl This class provides an extensible base for clients that want to connect to a Wonderland server.
WonderlandSessionImpl.SessionInternalHandler Handle traffic over the session channel

Enum Summary
ClientConnection.Status status of this listener
WonderlandSession.Status possible states of the client

Exception Summary
ConnectionFailureException Exception when connecting a new client to a Wonderland session fails.
ServerUnavailableException A variation of LoginFailureException for when the server is not available.

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.comms Description

The communication infrastructure of the Wonderland client.

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