Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.contextmenu

Interface Summary
ContextMenuActionListener A listener for selections on the context menu.
ContextMenuItem.MenuItemRepaintListener A listener that informs when the menu item needs to be visually updated.
ContextMenuListener Listener interface for an event when the context menu is about to be displayed.

Class Summary
ContextMenuEvent Wraps a ContextMenuInvocationSettings object that allows clients to make current-invocation only changes to the context menu.
ContextMenuInvocationSettings Wrapped by a ContextMenuEvents, stores the temporary settings of the context menu.
ContextMenuItem Represents an abstract item in the context menu of a certain type.
ContextMenuItemEvent An event when an item on the context menu for Cell is selected.
ContextMenuManager Manages the entries on the context menu.
SimpleContextMenuItem A "simple" context menu item that displays a name and (optional) label as a normal menu item.

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