Interface HUDComponent

All Superinterfaces:
HUDEventSource, HUDObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
HUDButton, HUDDialog, HUDMessage

public interface HUDComponent
extends HUDObject

A HUDComponent is an abstraction for an underlying visual element (2D or 3D) that can be displayed on the HUD. A HUDComponent has a 2D position, and width and height. It can be visible or invisible. It can also be enabled, in which case it responds to mouse and keyboard events, or disabled.


Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.hud.HUDObject
Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.hud.HUDObject
changeTransparency, changeTransparency, getBounds, getDecoratable, getDisplayMode, getHeight, getIcon, getLocation, getName, getPreferredLocation, getPreferredTransparency, getSize, getTransparency, getWidth, getWorldLocation, getX, getY, hasControl, isEnabled, isMinimized, isVisible, isWorldVisible, setBounds, setBounds, setClosed, setDecoratable, setDisplayMode, setEnabled, setHeight, setIcon, setLocation, setLocation, setLocation, setMaximized, setMinimized, setName, setPreferredLocation, setPreferredTransparency, setSize, setSize, setTransparency, setVisible, setVisible, setWidth, setWorldLocation, setWorldVisible, setWorldVisible, setX, setY
Methods inherited from interface org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.hud.HUDEventSource
addEventListener, getEventListeners, notifyEventListeners, notifyEventListeners, removeEventListener

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