Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.jme

Base package for all jme client specific classes and subpackages.


Interface Summary
LogViewer.LogViewerButton An extension of the log viewer that adds a button to the frame.
MainFrame An interface for interacting with the main JME frame
MainFrame.ServerURLListener A listener that will be notified when the server URL changes
ViewManager.CameraListener An interface for listening for camera changes
ViewManager.ViewManagerListener Listener interface for ViewManager changes
ViewProperties.ViewPropertiesListener Listener for changes in the collection of view properties
WebstartStartupListener Interface for services that need to be notified on webstart startup.

Class Summary
AvatarRenderManager Provides a mechansim for Avatar renderer modules to register themselves with the core system.
CameraProcessor The processor for the camera, the behavior of the camera is controlled by the pluggable CameraControllers.
CellRefComponent An Entity component that provides a reference to the cell that created the entity
ClientContextJME A subclass of ClientContext which adds JME client specific context accessors.
FirstPersonCameraProcessor A very simplistic first person camera model
FrontHackPersonCameraProcessor A very simplistic third person camera model
JmeCellCache Concrete implementation of CellCache for the JME Client
JmeClientSession An extension of CellClientSession to work with JME.
LogViewerFrame A log viewer.
LogViewerHandler Handler that forwards log records to the log viewer
MainFrameImpl The Main JFrame for the wonderland jme client
SceneWorker This utility is similar to SwingWorker, it provides addWorker methods to register work to be executed by MtGame during either commit of compute phase.
SimpleAvatarControls Deprecated. Replaced with AvatarControls
TestHarnessSupport Provides support for the test harness.
ThirdPersonCameraProcessor A very simplistic third person camera model
ViewManager Manages the view into the 3D world.
ViewProperties A collection of configurable properties for the View.
Webstart.JnlpSecurityManager Simple Security Manager for JNLP deployment.
WonderlandURLStreamHandlerFactory Setup a URL stream handler for the Wonderland protocols.

Enum Summary
LogViewer Singleton data store for viewing logs
MainFrame.PlacemarkType Three types of Placemarks are expected: - Managements placemarks affect management (add, manage) and also include the Starting Location - System placemarks are attached to objects through the placemark capability - User placemarks are personal and created by the user through the management tools The reason to declare them here and not in the Placemark API project is that the differences only matter at the time of displaying them in the Placemark menu.
ViewProperties.ViewProperty An enumeration of all possible type sof view properties

Exception Summary

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.jme Description

Base package for all jme client specific classes and subpackages.

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