Class ProgrammaticLogin<T extends WonderlandSession>

  extended by org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.login.ProgrammaticLogin<T>

public class ProgrammaticLogin<T extends WonderlandSession>
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class to handle login to a Wonderland server. Given a serverURL, username, and optionally the path to a password file, this class will create a WonderlandSession connected to the given server.

Jonathan Kaplan

Constructor Summary
ProgrammaticLogin(java.lang.String serverURL)
          Create a new ProgrammaticLogin that connects to the given server.
Method Summary
protected  T createSession(ServerSessionManager sessionManager, WonderlandServerInfo server, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
          Create a new WonderlandSession.
 java.lang.String getServerURL()
          Get the URL of the server this login object is connected to.
 T login(java.lang.String username, passwordFile)
          Login to the server with the given credentials.
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Constructor Detail


public ProgrammaticLogin(java.lang.String serverURL)
Create a new ProgrammaticLogin that connects to the given server.

serverURL - the server URL to connect to.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getServerURL()
Get the URL of the server this login object is connected to.

the server URL.


public T login(java.lang.String username,
Login to the server with the given credentials. This returns a WonderlandSession which is connected to the server.

username - the username to connect with. Required.
passwordFile - a file containing the password to connect with. Optional. Only used when security is set up to require a username and password for login.
the WonderlandSession created after connecting.


protected T createSession(ServerSessionManager sessionManager,
                          WonderlandServerInfo server,
                          java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
Create a new WonderlandSession. This method is provided so subclasses can override it to return different session types.

sessionManager - the session manager that created this session
server - the server the session is connected to
loader - the classloader for use in the session
a newly created WonderlandSession object

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