Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.client.login

Interface Summary
LoginUI An interface that the login system will call back to to request login details from the user.
PluginFilter Interface for selecting what plugins get loaded by a ServerSessionManager.
PrimaryServerListener This listener is registered with the LoginManager to be notified when the primary server changes.
ServerStatusListener A listener that will be notified when a SessionManager connects or disconnects
SessionCreator<T extends WonderlandSession> An interface that can be used with the LoginManager to control how a WonderlandSession is created.
SessionLifecycleListener Listen for new Wonderland sessions being created.

Class Summary
DarkstarServer Details on a particular Darkstar server
LoginManager Handle logins for the Wonderland system.
PluginFilter.DefaultPluginFilter Filter that always loads all plugins
PluginFilter.NoPluginFilter Filter that never loads plugins
ProgrammaticLogin<T extends WonderlandSession> Utility class to handle login to a Wonderland server.
ServerDetails A description of a Wonderland server we are trying to connect to.
ServerSessionManager Manager for all the sessions for a particular server

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