Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.common.cell

Cell classes that are common between server and client.


Interface Summary
ProximityListenerRecord.ProximityListenerWrapper Wrapper for the listener, client and server listeners have a slightly different interface

Class Summary
AvatarBoundsHelper Support methods for dealing with avatar bounds
CallID CallID provides a unique id for calls
Capability Used to described the capabilites of a client
CellCacheConnectionType The ConnectionType of the CellCacheClient
CellChannelConnectionType The ConnectionType of the CellClient
CellEditConnectionType The ConnectionType of the CellEditClient
CellID CellID provides a unique id for cells from a specific wonderland world instance.
CellTransform The transform for a cell.
ClientCapabilities Encapsulates the capabilities of a client.
ProximityListenerRecord Utility class to help implement proximity listeners on both client and server

Enum Summary
CellStatus CellStatus is the current state of a cell.

Exception Summary
MultipleParentException Exception indicating that the user has attempted to add a cell to multiple parents.

Annotation Types Summary
ComponentLookupClass An annotation for both client and server-side cell components to indicate the Class that should be used when referencing the component on the cell.

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.common.cell Description

Cell classes that are common between server and client.

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