Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.common.messages

Interface Summary
MessageID.MessageIDGenerator A utility class for generating message ids.
MessageMonitor Interface for a subsystem that monitors the messages sent and received from a session.

Class Summary
ErrorMessage Report an error to a client.
Message The base type of a message in the Wonderland system.
MessageID A unique identifier for a message.
MessageID.DefaultMessageIDGenerator The default MessageIDGenerator uses a static long to generate message ids.
MessageList An aggregation of individual messages into a message list
MessageMonitorImpl A simple static implementation of MessageMonitor.
MessagePacker Utility class to pack and unpack messages to/from ByteBuffers.
MessagePacker.ReceivedMessage A description of a received message.
OKMessage Report to a client that a message was processed successfully
ProtocolSelectionMessage The initial message that a client must send to the Wonderland server in order to specify a communications protocol to use.
ResponseMessage Indicates a message that is a response to a previously sent request message
WonderlandSetupMessage Ask the server to setup a full wonderland client

Exception Summary
ExtractMessageException An exception extracting a message.
MessageException A runtime exception when there is a problem serializing or deserializing an message
MessagePacker.PackerException Thrown when there is a problem packing or unpacking a Message

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