Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.common.modules

Class Summary
ModuleArt The ModuleArt class represents a piece of artwork within a module.
ModuleArtList The ModuleArtList class represents a collection of ModuleArt classes serialized to XML.
ModuleInfo The ModuleInfo class represents the basic information about a module: its unique name, its major.minor version, and a string description.
ModuleInfo.Attribute The Attribute inner class stores a string key-value pair
ModuleInfo.Version The Version static inner class simply stores the major, minor, and mini version numbers
ModuleList The ModuleList class represents a collection of ModuleInfo classes serialized to XML.
ModulePluginList A list of module plugins, given by URIs.
ModuleRepository A module's repository information, as represented by this class, represents the collection of URLs where assets may be found over the Internet.
ModuleRepository.Repository The Repository static inner class simply stores the base URL of the repository and whether it is located on the web server itself (if it is, then there is no need to check the checksums).
ModuleRequires The ModuleRequires class represents a dependency this module has on another module.
ModuleUploader Upload a module to the server
MultiPartFormOutputStream MultiPartFormOutputStream is used to write "multipart/form-data" to a for POSTing.

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