Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.common.wfs

Class Summary
CellDescriptor Describes a cell within a wfs, including the root path of the wfs, the path of the parent, the name of the cell, and the XML setup information
CellList The CellList class simply represent an array of child names for a given cell.
CellList.Cell The Child inner class simply stores the name of the cell child and the date it was last modified.
CellPath Describes the parent of a cell by a slash-separated path of parent cells.
WFSRecordingList The WFSRecordingList class simply represents an array of WFS recording names.
WorldRoot Represents a wfs world 'root', the base directory of a wfs, whether it is a world definition or a snapshot (backup) of the world.
WorldRootList The WorldRootList class simply represents an array of WFS root names.

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