Class CellMOFactory

  extended by org.jdesktop.wonderland.server.cell.CellMOFactory

public class CellMOFactory
extends java.lang.Object

A factory that creates cell GLOs by type. This uses the service provider API to find all installed CellGLOProviders. The providers are responsible for actually instantiating the cells.

CellGLOs are identified by a type name, which may be a fully-qualified class name or may be a shorthand name defined by a specific provider.

If no provider can handle the given type name, this method assumes the name is a fully-qualified class name and loads that class.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static CellMO loadCellMO(java.lang.String typeName, java.lang.Object... args)
          Instantiate a cell GLO of the given type with the given arguments.
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Constructor Detail


public CellMOFactory()
Method Detail


public static CellMO loadCellMO(java.lang.String typeName,
                                java.lang.Object... args)
                         throws LoadCellMOException
Instantiate a cell GLO of the given type with the given arguments. This will try to load from each provider in turn, returning either the first response or null if no cell can be created with the given type name.

typeName - the name of the cell type to instantiate.
args - the arguments to the constructor of the given cell type
LoadCellMOException - if there is an error loading the given cell type with the given arguments

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