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public static interface ChannelComponentMO.ComponentMessageReceiver

A listener to notify when messages of a certain class are recevied by this cell. Each message class can only be handled by a single receiver type, but a single receiver can handle lots of different types of message.

By default, all receivers are Serializable. These receivers do not keep state -- it is reset to the original state for every message that is recevied. If a receiver needs to store state, it should implement the ManagedObject interface. Be aware that this may have performance impacts for messages that are received frequently.

Method Summary
 void messageReceived(WonderlandClientSender sender, WonderlandClientID clientID, CellMessage message)
 void recordMessage(WonderlandClientSender sender, WonderlandClientID clientID, CellMessage message)
          Record the message--as part of the event recording mechanism.

Method Detail


void messageReceived(WonderlandClientSender sender,
                     WonderlandClientID clientID,
                     CellMessage message)


void recordMessage(WonderlandClientSender sender,
                   WonderlandClientID clientID,
                   CellMessage message)
Record the message--as part of the event recording mechanism.

sender - the sender of the message
clientID - the id of the client sending the message
message -

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