Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.server.comms

The communication infrastructure of the Wonderland server.


Interface Summary
ClientConnectionHandler Handles client connections to the given client type.
CommsManager Manage communications protocols.
CommunicationsProtocol A communications protocol describes how a client communicates with the Wonderland server.
SecureClientConnectionHandler An extension of the ClientConnectionHandler that allows security checks for who may or may not connect to the handler.
SessionMapManager Map a sessionID to a WonderlandClientID
WonderlandClientSender A sender that sends messages to clients connected with the given ConnectionType.

Class Summary
CommsManagerFactory Create the comms manager.
ConnectAction An action that requests permission to connect to a particular handler
ProtocolSessionListener This core session listener implements the basic Wonderland protocol selection mechanism.
ProtocolSessionListener.ProtocolClientMap A record of clients connected with the given protocol
SessionMapManagerFactory Get an instance of the SessionMapManager
WonderlandClientCommsProtocol The default communications protocol used by the Wonderland client.
WonderlandClientID Identifies a WonderlandClient.
WonderlandSessionListener This is the default session listener is used by Wonderland clients.

Package org.jdesktop.wonderland.server.comms Description

The communication infrastructure of the Wonderland server.

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