Interface SecureTask

public interface SecureTask

A task to execute after security checks are completed. SecureTask is similar to the Darkstar built-in Task type, but with the extra security constraints. Like Task, SecureTask instances must either be Serializable or implement ManagedObject. For tasks that are Serializable, the SecurityManager will automatically persist the task. For tasks that implement ManagedObject, the caller is assumed to manage adding and removing the object from persistence.


Method Summary
 void run(ResourceMap granted)
          An action to perform.

Method Detail


void run(ResourceMap granted)
An action to perform. This method is passed in the set of resources and actions that were granted for use by this task. If an action was not granted for this task, it is up to the task to take that into account when making any changes.

granted - the resources and actions that were granted. This may include resources with empty action sets if no actions were granted on the given resource.

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